Be wanted*


* Line-out-the-door wanted.
Not ASIC-hitlist wanted.


The simple way to help more people with financial advice


If you want to stand out and be talked about for all the right reasons...

If you want to be referred to more frequently (dream clients only thank you)…

If you want your marketing to work better...

And if you want to help more people...

You need a message that gets hearts beating, heads nodding and hands raising.

A message that gently enters the conversation that's already going on in your dream clients' minds.

That shows you get it. That shows you get them.

And meets them where they're at and invites them to say a little yes to a different future.


Your message is the difference between being just any financial planner and being the financial planner — the one your dream clients can't stop talking about.


Hey, I’m Susie

Artist's impression of  Susie Munro . Note: In real life Susie has hair, and that ice cream is vanilla chip.

Artist's impression of Susie Munro. Note: In real life Susie has hair, and that ice cream is vanilla chip.


When people visit your website, what do they find?

Wishy-washy terms like 'holistic advice', 'certainty', 'goals-based advice', 'financial life planning' and 'independence'?

Financial planner terms like 'insurance', 'SMSF', 'investment management' and 'estate planning'?

Or a compelling message that tells a story about what you do, who you help, how you help and why it matters? A message that's focused on the heads and hearts of your dream clients...not yours. 


See, I reckon more Aussies would say an enthusiastic, "heck yeah" to financial advice if the websites and platforms advisers built, better communicated with the people they're trying to reach.

You do that through words. Your message.

And learning how to craft a message that has the power to connect and make a difference, is one of the most underrated things you can do to grow your financial planning business.

I can show you how.