Please stop marketing

In the coming weeks, you're probably going to hear a whole lot of, "How financial planners can rebuild trust and reputations in a post Royal Commission world" opinion pieces.

Spoiler alert. This is one of them.

But this isn't about writing to your clients and reinforcing the good work you do.

It’s something very, very different.

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3 quick tips to get more (of the right) people reading your "super changes" blog post

Getting Aussies to give some thought to their super, can be a challenge at the best of times. And when there’s some big changes on the horizon, it’s even more important to grab people's attention and encourage them to act.

You want to help, so you start trying to get the message out — articles and social media posts about ‘Super changes 1 July 2017’.

The response? Crickets.

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One dodgy website practice to avoid (especially if you're tempted to use the word "independent")

There’s been a lot of talk recently, about compliance surrounding the use of the words “independent” and “independently owned”, in the communication, marketing and websites of financial advice practices.

Advisers seem confused. ASIC seem confused. Hefty fines are up for grabs. And one tiny mistake on your website, could be your downfall.

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"Everyone needs a financial planner" is a trust killer

There’s many things that influence trust in the financial planning industry. But one of the things that destroys it, might not be as obvious as some of the others.

It's saying things like, "Everyone needs a financial planner".

It's saying the solution you offer — the thing you're trying to sell — is the only valid option.

It screams "salesperson", not "adviser".

So what's the alternative?

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Sometimes the best marketing doesn't feel like marketing

If you're a financial planner, the instant you mention money in your marketing, a little switch is unconsciously flicked in the minds’ of your audience. And an unwanted wall — sometimes thick, sometimes thin — magically appears between you and your potential ideal clients.

You see, most marketing slaps you in the face a little.

But some of the best marketing, is when you don’t know it’s marketing.

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Want more positive stories about financial planning in the media?

Hardly a week goes by in financial planning land, where there isn’t someone bemoaning the lack of positive stories being told about the profession in the general media.

But “news”, particularly in the digital space, is no longer controlled by the mass media.

The common folk — yes, you and I — can now, more easily than ever before, tell stories that matter too.

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