12 blog post ideas for your financial planning website

The blog on your financial adviser website doesn't need to be dry and boring. With a little creativity, you can both educate and entertain, and give your clients content they want to share.



There's a time and place for factual and educational content on your blog, and there's also a time for fun. The good news is, you can combine them to create a blog that offers real value and engagement opportunities for both prospects and clients.

Here are 12 ideas (yep, that's one a month) to get you started:

  1. What I wish I knew about money when I was <insert age>

  2. Why negotiating a salary raise is better than cutting back on lattes

  3. If I were <insert celebrity name>'s financial planner I would...

  4. A day in the life of <insert staff member's name>

  5. How do I <insert annoying common problem your clients have>?

  6. Did we ever tell you why our business is called <insert business name>?

  7. The financial strategy I use to build my wealth

  8. Why <insert celebrity or sportsperson> has his/her money head screwed on right/wrong

  9. The most important thing about money to me is...

  10. What does your pocket money strategy teach kids about money?

  11. What ASX shares are in your pantry?

  12. The biggest financial mistake I ever made

You'll notice that a number of these blog ideas are based on questions. This can be a great strategy to guide your content towards ensuring your posts are about how you can help your clients, rather than boring them senseless with another market update.

You may also be able to garner some comments and engagement by asking similar questions at the end of your blog post. It's a great way to start a conversation.

Some of the ideas are also quite personal. Sharing information about you and your opinions about money is a great way to engage your clients. It can help them get to know you a little better and develop deeper relationships, at scale.