A video production kit to make MacGyver proud (duct tape optional)

Many advisers are beginning to use video to engage their existing clients, and help attract new ones. It's certainly a medium that can fast-track the "know, like and trust" factor.

But getting started with video can be daunting.

Not only is there the fear of seeing your face on camera, but there's often some new equipment to wrap your head around.

For a video novice, there can be a seemingly endless array of equipment and gadgets out there. So turning to the pros for advice, can fast-track your learning.

Let's have a look at two set-ups:

  1. MacGyver set-up: all about using what you've got, and great for getting started

  2. Not-quite-pro set-up: equipment designed specifically for the task, that will take your video quality up a notch

MacGyver set-up

I'm a big fan of the video hosting company, Wistia. Not only do they have a superb product, but their (free) learning centre is a goldmine of information about scripting, producing and marketing with video.

The MacGyver set-up makes use of what you've got — specifically, your smart phone.

That camera in your pocket, combined with some simple techniques for enhancing your lighting and audio, can help make a pretty good quality video.

If I had some duct tape, I could fix that.
— MacGyver


  • Phone: iPhone (or most smart phones) — we'll assume you already have a phone to use

  • Video settings control app: Filmic Pro [$5.99] — the app doesn't have great reviews on iTunes, but there are others you could try

As an alternative to using a second iphone and boompole to record the audio, you could also check out the Rode smart lav lavalier microphone [$50].

Not-quite-pro set-up

The next set-up is for those looking to increase the quality of their video and audio. It will produce a more professional result.

This is the type of equipment that, if you have the space, you could leave set up in your office so you can simplify (and speed up) the process of shooting a video.

Ryan Spanger, in the video below, is the founder of Dream Engine, a video production company from Melbourne. He's put together a kit for around $2,000, with all the equipment to make a great looking (and sounding) video.

Watch the full video for some extra tips about lighting, framing, and the rule of thirds.

You can also check out a transcript on SuperFast Business.


There's a whole lot of gadgets here, which can seem overwhelming.

But you don't need to get them all at once.

Start with the camera and tripod, add some lighting and audio equipment, and expand at your own pace.

It doesn’t matter what camera you’re using. It’s about paying attention to lighting, and framing, and audio. And ultimately, it’s about getting the right message on camera.
— Chris Savage, Founder + CEO, Wistia

So there it is.

A couple of set-ups to get you up and running with video in no time.

But before you record your first take, relax and get loose.

* All prices sourced on 7 January 2014 from Australian-based online stores.