A fun idea to help your 'About' page stand out and be memorable

In David Walliams popular kids' book, 'The World's Worst Children', he doesn't include a boring 'Acknowledgements' page at the end.

Instead, he has a 'Thank you' page at the start.

But it isn't just any thank you page. It's fun. Even a little silly. It shows personality. It captures the attention of the reader.

And it's memorable.

David Walliams - Worlds Worst Children Thank You page

Most website 'About' and 'Team' pages remind me of those traditional 'Acknowledgements' pages.

Pretty boring, lacking in personality and generally quite forgettable.

But what if you added a bit of Walliams style?

You don't have to list the naughty things your staff got up to when they were 6 or 7. But perhaps you could add some snippets that make sense for your brand and that will resonate with your ideal clients?


Little conversation starters. Memory joggers. Hints of human.

  • If your ideal clients are just starting their careers, you could share your first three jobs (and show that everyone starts somewhere).

  • If your ideal clients aren't where they want to be financially, you could share a money mistake you've made that's sent you two steps back.

  • If your ideal clients are parents with primary school kids, you could share your favourite kids book or tv show.

  • If your ideal clients are pet owners, you could share a story of the cheeky things your pet gets up to (bonus points for a cute photo).

  • If your ideal clients are madly saving for big things, you could share what you're saving for or have saved for in the past.

  • If your ideal clients are hairdressers, you could share a photo and the story of the worst haircut you've ever had.

  • If your ideal clients like to save money by making home-cooked meals, you could share your favourite 30 min recipe.

  • If your ideal clients are travel buffs, you could share your favourite holiday spot (or the one you dream of).

Be relatable. Be human. Be memorable.

Share things you might have in common.

Make a connection.

Promise it'll help you stand out from the crowd.