Example of an amazing blog post, written by a financial planner

Have you ever read something that stopped you in your tracks?

That got your head nodding as you read it? That prompted you to share it with other people?

And not because of flowery prose, big words, or an "authority" (or preachy) tone.

But because it resonated. It was human. It showed empathy and vulnerability...without being a sob story.

There was something in it for the reader. 

It communicated deep knowledge and reflection, without the "boring" factor. There was nothing technical about it at all.

Example of an amazing blog post written by a financial planner

That combo isn't something I see too often.

But this financial planner absolutely nailed it.

Today my wife and I brought home our new son and daughter from the hospital. I could never have planned on having twins in our life but now that they’re here I couldn’t imagine life any other way. My financial plan has basically gone out the window but that’s the last thing on my mind right now.
— Ben Carlson

Now, imagine how a client or future client might feel reading that post. 

Like they are understood? Like it's normal that life isn't linear?

Like there's almost a sense that you're forgiven, if your life (and your finances) haven't gone to plan?

It's simple and it's powerful.

Why not have a crack at something similar yourself?