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Please stop marketing

In the coming weeks, you're probably going to hear a whole lot of, "How financial planners can rebuild trust and reputations in a post Royal Commission world" opinion pieces.

Spoiler alert. This is one of them.

But this isn't about writing to your clients and reinforcing the good work you do.

It’s something very, very different.

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Want more positive stories about financial planning in the media?

Hardly a week goes by in financial planning land, where there isn’t someone bemoaning the lack of positive stories being told about the profession in the general media.

But “news”, particularly in the digital space, is no longer controlled by the mass media.

The common folk — yes, you and I — can now, more easily than ever before, tell stories that matter too.

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Your marketing plan is just like a long-term investment strategy

One of the things that typifies many financial planners’ marketing tactics, is a flurry of activity once or twice a year, followed by deathly silence. It’s the marketing equivalent of investing $12,000 when you think the market’s bottomed out, rather than $1,000 each month.

But if your marketing activity is dictated by your enthusiasm, how busy you are, or how full (or empty) your bank account is, then you might want to consider a different, more consistent approach.

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Is your annual review process about you or your clients?

Do your clients jump at the chance to attend their annual review, or are they reluctant participants in what they see as an administrative part of your process?

Review or progress meetings are an important element to maintaining an ongoing relationship with your clients. But it you're finding your clients are less than enthusiastic about attending, there are a few things to consider.

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What's missing in the transition from industry to profession?

Earlier this month, Matthew Rowe, chair of the FPA, came out asking members to stop referring to financial planning as an "industry", and start referring to it as a "profession".

But simply telling people to refer to you as a profession and relying on old fashioned evidence like degrees, legislation and membership organisations, seems pretty backward to me. And it’s missing a giant step.

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