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8 examples of using personality in financial services communication

Have you ever looked at another financial planner’s website, blog or client communication, and thought, “hey, that sounds like mine”. Phrasing, like “peace of mind”, “trusted adviser” and “get your financial house in order”, pop up pretty frequently. And there’s a style that’s professional, yet approachable — a business casual tone — that’s more or less the standard.

All in all, from a prospective client’s perspective, it’s a bit same-same.

That’s why adding a bit of personality, can go a long way to helping you stand out from the crowd.

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Life insurance that's "not bought, but sold", just means your marketing isn't working

There’s a common saying that life insurance is “not bought, but sold”. The cynic in me thinks that's a cop-out, and is simply reflective of an industry that uses marketing strategies that are just not working.

But two American insurers have created programs that turn that mantra on its head. They’re using marketing that’s positive, not fear or price-based, and that start genuine conversations about getting insured.

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