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Sometimes the best marketing doesn't feel like marketing

If you're a financial planner, the instant you mention money in your marketing, a little switch is unconsciously flicked in the minds’ of your audience. And an unwanted wall — sometimes thick, sometimes thin — magically appears between you and your potential ideal clients.

You see, most marketing slaps you in the face a little.

But some of the best marketing, is when you don’t know it’s marketing.

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Let's get ready to rumble: Financial planning strategy battles that help tell client stories

Telling client stories is a simple way to help future clients and your professional network, understand what you do and who you serve. Not just the investment, super and insurance things, but the deeper stuff, like being a sounding board, and providing a sense of confidence and control.

But apart from the grab-a-tissue insurance claim stories, or inspirational I-achieved-my-dreams stories, there’s not much variety going around.

That means it's easy to stand out.

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