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3 quick tips to get more (of the right) people reading your "super changes" blog post

Getting Aussies to give some thought to their super, can be a challenge at the best of times. And when there’s some big changes on the horizon, it’s even more important to grab people's attention and encourage them to act.

You want to help, so you start trying to get the message out — articles and social media posts about ‘Super changes 1 July 2017’.

The response? Crickets.

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"Everyone needs a financial planner" is a trust killer

There’s many things that influence trust in the financial planning industry. But one of the things that destroys it, might not be as obvious as some of the others.

It's saying things like, "Everyone needs a financial planner".

It's saying the solution you offer — the thing you're trying to sell — is the only valid option.

It screams "salesperson", not "adviser".

So what's the alternative?

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Not another generic “Budget Update” (or, how not to bore your clients to death)

A week from today, weary from a night in front of the tele, hundreds of finance geeks will collectively knock out a seemingly endless stream of articles and newsletters about Joe Hockey’s night of nights — the Federal Budget.

Meanwhile, clients weary from the annual bombardment of snooze-worthy updates, will have their fingers hovering over the delete key.

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