2 minute check: Make sure your financial planning practice is STILL on Google maps

Google’s been making some changes to their local business listings including maps, which means your financial planning practice may no longer be listed. If that means people can’t find you, it’s worth spending a few moments to fix it.



Have you ever used Google Maps to find a business close to your home or work? It’s a pretty useful tool, and spending a few moments to double-check or set-up your practice’s listing, is worth the effort.

When you claim your listing, you can control what information is displayed about your business, respond to customer feedback, share updates, and help people find you.

It's useful and it's free.

Google search - financial planner Brisbane

Google’s recently had a big clean-up of local pages, so you may find your existing listing has been unverified or removed completely. Not to worry — you only need a couple of minutes to check it.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Go to Google My Business and click the “Get on Google” button.

  2. Search for your practice by entering your business name.

  3. From the search results:

    • If your business is listed, you can click on it to claim it or you'll get a message to say it's all good.

    • If you can't find your business, simply follow the prompts to set up a new listing.

Note: There are a few different paths Google may take you on, depending on how your listing is connected to other Google services, so just follow where the Google monster takes you.

That's it. Too easy, right? Read the screens, follow the prompts and get it done.