The feel good tactic for financial advisers who feel icky about 'look at me' marketing

You might've heard from a guru or two, that you have to 'sell yourself' to 'win' clients. You have to talk yourself up. Beat your chest a little.

You have to shout about how you got a $400,000 life insurance claim settled in 7 days, or secured a 1% discount on the lowest advertised mortgage rate, or donated $10,000 to a local charity.

It makes sense, right?

Because we need the public to know about the good work financial advisers do.

The good work that YOU do.


But what if you're the kind of adviser who prefers things a little less look-at-me, less shouty, less in-your-face.

The kind of adviser who knows they need to promote their business, but wants to do it in a way that feels good and calm and kind.

Less chest beating. More hearts beating.


Instead of talking yourself up, try talking up your clients.

Shift the spotlight from yourself onto the people you love to help. Share their achievements, their progress, their willingness to make decisions and do the work.

Tell the story of the tradie and their trauma insurance claim. Share their ups and downs, the impact on their life, and how their friends and family rallied. Be in awe of their strength and courage.

Tell the story of the young family that are getting settled in their new 3 bedroom, brick veneer home. Share how excited they are about being able to paint the front door a glossy black, plant out a veggie garden and finally get that lassie dog.

Tell the story of how the youth-at-risk charity serves your community. Share how they change kids' lives with their apprenticeship program and weekends in the bush, and what others can do to help. (And yep, you can still share that photo of you holding a giant novelty cheque...but at the bottom, okay?)

Lift others up. Make their chests burst with pride.

Chances are, it'll do the same for yours.


You don't have to shout your awesomeness from the rooftops.

You can whisper.

And you might just be surprised when the right people hear.