Planner Pulse 010: Nick Sinclair — Outsourcing, blogging and running events

Today I’m joined by Nick Sinclair who is the principal adviser and owner of Wealthfarm on the Gold Coast. Wealthfarm are a financial planning, accounting, mortgage broking and property services firm.

Listen and learn

In this episode you'll discover:

  • How Nick has used outsourcing to scale his business to over 50 employees, which has produced awesome results for both his business and his clients

  • How consistent blogging has built Nick’s profile, got him media attention, and attracted clients (and how he does all this in less than an hour a week)

  • Nick's philosophy about using education to market his business

  • The type of events Wealthfarm runs, the topics they cover, and how they target different segments of the market to great effect

If no-one knows you, no-one’s going to ring you for advice.
— Nick Sinclair