Planner Pulse 011: Dominique Bergel-Grant — Women, niches, events and the media

Today I’m joined by Dominique Bergel-Grant who is the founder and principal financial adviser at Leapfrog Financial in Sydney.

Dominique has successfully built her practice from scratch to 4 (almost 5) staff in just 3 years. She’s also been featured in publications such as Women’s Health and Fitness, Australian Property Investor and the Sydney Morning Herald.

Listen and learn

In this episode you'll discover:

  • The work Dominique is doing around educating women about money – not just the technical, but trying to change the perception women (and others) have about financial planners.

  • How Dominique is building many different funnels to attract new clients. She’s using events, LinkedIn, she’s constantly in the press, and she’s also building sub-brands to attract clients from a couple of niches.

Financial advice should be accessible and approachable.
— Dominique Bergel-Grant