Planner Pulse 014: Tony Vidler — Digital marketing and client value propositions

Today I’m joined by Tony Vidler who is based in Auckland and runs his own financial adviser coaching business called Strictly Business.

Prior to starting his coaching business, Tony was in the navy, an insurance sales manager, financial adviser, Chairman of the Board of the Institute of Financial Advisers in NZ and a professional development manager.

He’s got a huge breadth of skills that wrap up into his current work as a coach, speaker, writer, and an avid user of social media. He also runs a killer blog aimed solely at financial advisers.

Listen and learn

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Tony’s digital marketing strategy, including his website, blog, video and social media

  • Tips for crafting an awesome client value proposition

  • Some of the mistakes Tony sees advisers making, time and time again

In professional services, your personal brand is everything.
— Tony Vidler