Planner Pulse 019: [Start-up series] Verse Wealth — Starting a new financial planning business

James O'Reilly and Corey Wastle have recently left their roles at a big bank and joined forces to start a Melbourne-based financial planning business called Verse Wealth. This is their start-up journey.

This is the first episode in a monthly series with James and Corey to follow the ins and outs of starting their financial planning practice.

We'll be tracking their progress, sharing in their successes and challenges, and deep diving into their decisions, strategies and tactics they use to launch an advice practice built on clear, strong values and a desire to do things in new and exciting ways.

Listen and learn

In this episode, we chat about:

Where the bloody hell are you?

  • James’ and Corey’s backgrounds

  • What Corey and James have been working on over the last few months to get their new advice practice up and running

  • What they are focusing on right now (and it might surprise you)

  • Their successes so far

  • Their challenges so far

  • How they are creating an outstanding client experience

Total transparency

  • We discover some random facts about James and Corey, including their favourite football teams, first jobs, and most importantly, their favourite ice cream flavour (we cover the big issues here folks)

Deep dive

  • Where they're at with their business right now

  • Why they started their business

  • How and why they work as a partnership

  • Why they chose their dealer group (Synchron)

  • How they are funding their business

  • Why they are taking the long road

  • Who their ideal clients are

  • How they are different

  • Their goals for the business

Smarter not harder

  • James shares a tool they use to send quick, personalised emails

Listener questions

  • "When starting out, will you take on anyone who fogs a mirror as a client? Or will you stay steadfast in only taking on your target client?" - Rob Skinner [Innergi]

We are happy to take the long road.
— Verse Wealth