Planner Pulse 022: [Start-up series] Verse Wealth — Building referral partnerships using LinkedIn

James O’Reilly and Corey Wastle have recently started a Melbourne-based financial planning business called Verse Wealth. This is the third episode in a monthly series with James and Corey, to follow their journey.

To start the episode, James tells us about a LinkedIn post that blew up his account for a few days (and he also now has a few new friends in the Cayman Islands and Jordan).

And Corey takes great delight in the fact that James lost the productivity challenge and had to swim across the "not-quite-pristine" Yarra River.

Listen and learn

In this episode, we chat about:

Where the bloody hell are you?

  • James and Corey's continued focus on building partnerships with accountants and mortgage brokers

  • The challenges of hiring their first employee, to help them with paraplanning and administrative support

Deep dive

  • Why Verse have chosen partnerships as a way of building their business

  • How they are deciding on who to approach and whether they might be the right type of people to build a relationship with

  • Why it's important to find a cultural fit when building partnerships

  • How James and Corey are using LinkedIn to do this (step by step)

  • How they decide when the right time is to take the relationship offline

  • What kind of value they’re offering to the people they’re building connections with

  • Why it’s important to have a non-selfish approach to building relationships (i.e. it's about giving not getting)

Smarter not harder

  • James shares how they will soon be using video to help make their risk profile process more engaging and time effective

Listener questions

  • "How do your clients respond to a non-traditional engagement process?" - Steve Richards [Commonwealth Financial Planning]

It’s all about giving and adding value.
— Verse Wealth