Planner Pulse 024: [Pricing series] Darren Johns — How I price my financial planning services

Today I’m joined by Darren Johns from Align Financial on Sydney’s northern beaches, for another episode in our pricing series.

Align Financial is a small practice that is self-licensed, and has been using a flat-fee pricing structure since 2010.

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In this episode, we talk about:

  • How Darren uses a combination of understanding both the inputs (e.g. share purchases) and outputs (e.g. tax savings) of a client engagement, to price his services

  • A pricing example for a 50 year old couple, approaching retirement, as well as a risk only case

  • How using fee-based pricing has helped produce a more stable income stream for Darren's business

Pricing is a lever you can control.
— Darren Johns

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