Planner Pulse 025: [Start-up series] Verse Wealth — Creating amazing client experiences

James O’Reilly and Corey Wastle started a Melbourne-based financial planning business called Verse Wealth in January 2015.

This is the fourth episode in a monthly series with James and Corey to follow their first year in business.

In this episode, we take a closer look at the Verse Wealth client experience.

Listen and learn

In this episode, we chat about:

Where the bloody hell are you?

  • Bringing new clients on board

  • A continued focus on building partnerships with accountants and mortgage brokers

  • Planning the new "Verse TV" series and a webinar in the new financial year

Deep dive

  • What happens in each of the meetings in the Verse Wealth new client process

  • Why they are including imagery in Statement of Advice documents

  • Who and what some of James and Corey's key influences have been in developing the Verse client experience (including a lot of book recommendations)

  • What a "wow" file is, and how they are using it in their business

  • How the client experience relates back to the core Verse Wealth values

Smarter not harder

  • James shares how they have gone paperless

Listener questions

  • "For an adviser who has only worked in a bank, what are some of the differences between working in a banking environment, and working in a small boutique practice?" - Susie Munro [Sixpence Media]

Be remarkable.
— Verse Wealth

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