Planner Pulse 032: Alisdair Barr — Hiring grads + keeping staff happy and engaged

Today I’m joined by Alisdair Barr from GradMentor.

GradMentor is a business that helps place university graduates into paid mentorship programs in financial planning businesses around Australia.

Alisdair goes out to universities around the country, talks to students about financial planning as a career path, and helps match suitable grads with financial planning firms through a process that includes a speed dating style event.

While Alisdair’s business focuses solely on graduates for the financial planning profession, there’s a heap of things in this episode that apply to employees in general. It is well worth a listen.

Listen and learn

In this episode, we talk about:

  • What traits to look for when hiring grads

  • Some of the areas GradMentor skills up students — including presentation skills, behavioural interview training, and CVs

  • What employers can do to keep employees happy, motivated and productive — and ultimately sticking around longer (hint: it's not brain surgery, but so few employers do it)

Our sole interest is raising the awareness of financial planning as a career path.
— Alisdair Barr

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