Planner Pulse 035: Ben Smythe — Starting up and attracting clients to an independent financial planning business

Today I’m joined by Ben Smythe from Smythe Financial Management, which is a two year old, independent financial planning practice with offices on the northern beaches and in the Sydney CBD.

Ben works mainly with two types of clients: (i) accumulators – people that are 35–55 and building wealth, and (ii) SMSF trustees that want a sounding board and a bit of guidance.

Listen and learn

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Why Ben decided to become a true independent adviser, rather than being aligned with an institution, or charging in any way other than pure fee for advice

  • What strategies Ben used to attract 60 clients in just two years, from scratch

  • How he dealt with taking on non-ideal clients, while he was in start-up phase

  • The hardest things about starting up and what his challenges are now

You are forced (in a good way) to demonstrate value to clients.
— Ben Smythe