The impact of sharing your clients' goals and achievements

Do your clients ever send you happy snaps of their trip to the Grand Canyon or the new home they've just purchased? Or perhaps they share a proud photo of a new baby or excitedly tell you they've finally got their new business up and running.



As a financial adviser, you're someone your clients trust. And if you're asking deep questions and truly connecting with those clients, you become an important person in their lives.

You become more than the insurance specialist or the SMSF geek.

You're the person they share their goals and values with.

After all, you need to know those things to move beyond product sales and towards providing real advice.

Share achievements

So it makes sense that when those goals are achieved, they want to share the warm fuzzies with you.

A photo of Uluru, their daughter's wedding, or Katie's high school graduation.

It's a celebration of achievements. Proud moments. Not bragging. Just sharing the things in life that make us happy.

It's a client story in it's simplest form.

Imagine if, like Matthew Ross from Roskow Independent Advisory, you collected those successes and displayed them on a wall in your office.

Simple print-outs of emailed photos that are evidence of the outcomes you've helped clients achieve.

It connects the dots between the effort and the reward.


Share goals

Imagine if you took it a step further.

On one wall in your office you share the successes. And on another, the dreams. The goals.

Imagine if part of your process was for each client to write down their goals and add it to the wall.

Because you're already talking about their goals, aren't you?

Maybe there's a picture to represent the goal, or maybe it's just a handwritten note and an initial.

Goal - Adopt two kittens

Maybe it's as simple as a corkboard. Or a wall painted with whiteboard paint. Or maybe you have a wall of frames that brings a little more order and style to things.

Goals wall

But it's concrete. It's tactile. And your clients become engaged and involved in the process.


The wall becomes a talking point. It's something your clients (and you) can share on social media. It's something your clients can tell their colleagues about when they return to work from their lunch time appointment with you.

And each client that comes into the office can see what's important to others. What's important doesn't have to be "stuff". In fact you should be worried if it is.

When the goals are achieved, they get moved to the success wall. But this time it's a real photo of a place or an event that communicates the feeling or experience.

It's like a massive wall of social proof. And it has the potential to have a far greater impact than a heap of cheesy testimonials.


Imagine if you took photos of the wall and added them to your website. Imagine if you expanded on one or two every now and again in your company blog, and told some client stories.

It's a chance to get your clients involved. And your whole team get to see the impact of their work, everyday.

Do you think that's something your clients would share? Something that separates you from the crowd a little?

Seems like a win-win opportunity to me.