Use the wisdom of your clients to create some talk-about-able marketing

I reckon everyone has a bit of wisdom in them. Knowledge about a specific topic, a thoughtful view on the world, something that experience has taught them well.

There's a wealth of knowledge bundled up in your clients' minds.

And I think there's a great opportunity for you to use it.

Use the wisdom of your clients to create some talk-about-able marketing

What if you gathered your clients' collective wisdom and compiled it into a book. There's plenty of online tools like Blurb that make this pretty easy.

  • "50 great truths for living a good life"

  • "Healthy kids lunchbox ideas — in 10 minutes or less"

  • "What I wish I knew about love / money / life when I was 21"

  • "Best Aussie holiday spots for kids and exhausted parents"

  • "Life with pets"

  • "My biggest failure as an entrepreneur"

  • "Stories from Sydney in the 60s"

What an opportunity to have some interesting conversations with your clients. The type of thing that might bring you closer and strengthen your bond.

Add some big bold photos. Lay out the text so it's easy to read.

Pretty soon you've got yourself a coffee table style book.

Warm fuzzy factor

How do you think that would make your clients feel?

Proud? Seen? Valued? Part of a community?

And how do you think it would make you feel?

Caring? Generous? Proud?

Warm fuzzies all round, I think.


And if you gave your clients a copy or two, what do you think might happen?

They'd share it, right? With friends and family, neighbours and colleagues.

And you'd share it too.

You could give a few copies to the accountant down the road to pop in their reception area. And maybe the local doctors' surgery, dentist, car service joint, and coffee shop.

You could sell copies in your local community and donate the profits to your favourite charity.

You could give away two copies to every new client — one for them and one for a friend.

No advertising. No hard sell.

Just a subtle logo. An intro that shares the story of its creation and celebrates those who participated. Your contact details on the inside back cover.

Good marketing

That's what I call 'good marketing'.

It's marketing that feels good and does good.

It's talk-about-able.

And it works.