The simplest way to write copy for your practice's website (without blowing a brain fuse)

Your ideal clients are already telling you what content (and even what specific words) to use on your website. Are you listening?



What if I told you that you could "swipe and deploy" words (i.e. copy) for your website that speak directly to your target audience?

Oh, and without that horrible blank page / staring around the room looking for inspiration feeling.

Step 1: Know your ideal client

Have you got a crystal clear picture of who your ideal client is?

Hopefully it's more than just "small business owners" or "women" or "high net worth individuals".

It should be something so specific that you can describe them like they are your friend.

A description that is not just about demographics or broad socioeconomic classes, but about behavioural characteristics, personality traits and attitudes.

Step 2: Listen

As a financial planner, you're already pretty advanced with your listening skills.

I'm not just talking about the ability to hear and record, but the ability to question and extract additional information in order to truly understand what's going on in your client's reality.

Now think about your ideal clients. Your actual ideal clients...the ones you already know and communicate with.

  • What questions are they asking?

  • What keeps them up at night? i.e. the real reason they are seeking advice

  • What problems do they want solved?

  • What exact language are they using?

Step 3: Swipe and deploy

Write it all down. Extract the common themes.

Then, use the words and phrases your clients use and use them on your website and other communication material.

Here's a couple of examples.

Perhaps your 50 year old empty nester ideal clients are starting to think more about retirement.


“We're worried about having enough money when we retire.”


Stop worrying if you’ll have enough in the kitty for an unforgettable retirement.

Or what about going through your client testimonials.

Is there anything that comes up repeatedly?

There's a good chance this means it's important to your clients (and potential clients).


"It's so bloody nice to deal with a financial adviser that actually gives a ^@%$ about what we want and need — it’s our needs, our preferences and our timeline."

"There's no hard sell. Fred listens. He understands where we want to end up, and has helped us set up a plan to get there. When we change our mind or stuff happens, he adjusts the plan for us."

Common theme:

It's all about the clients' wants, needs and goals, and developing a plan to achieve them.

Note: This may seem obvious to any financial planner, but you need to put yourself in the shoes of a potential client and look at things from their perspective.


Suits or stubbies. Teslas or toyotas. Careers or kids.
Or all of the above...
Whatever you want, we’ll help you get there.

It's so simple it seems a bit like cheating doesn't it?

But it's smart.

The more you can speak the same language as your clients, the more you show you understand their challenges and mindset, and demonstrate you have helped others just like them.

Why not give it a go?