Simplify your marketing by answering this one question

On 11 July 2019, in Joensuu Finland, the first ever heavy metal knitting world championship took place.

Bands travelled from the USA, UK, Israel, Japan, Sweden, Denmark and Latvia to compete.

Third place went to a band called "9 Inch Needles" who carried knitted viking shields printed with "Knit or Die", and performed the kind of hair windmills that keep chiropractors in business.

Kind of epic, right?

If you're into metal...

And knitting.

Chances are, you're not.

And that's okay.

Because the organisers knew exactly who they're for.

And, who they're not.

It's niche, specialised and completely bonkers.


But you know what?

It makes their marketing a whole lot easier.

Know someone who's into metal and knitting? Or even one of those things? You'll probably tell them about it, right?

When you're clear about who you're for, your message is easier to share. It's easier to attract the right people and help them with what they need — whether that's head-banging, needlework or financial planning.

The question is, who are you for?

Who do you love to help?

How do those people see the world?

What do they care about?

And what can you do that's crafted just for them?