Stand out with a message your dream clients love


Doing a bunch of marketing stuff
and getting not-so-hot results?


You're pumping out posts to your Facebook page 5 days a week — motivational quotes, news snippets about money, and little graphics of your testimonials.

You've knocked out a website which is full of articles about insurance and super and investments, all courtesy of your dealer group.

You're 'doing video' because every man and his dog says it's the best way to build trust. Authenticity baby!

You're networking with a local business group on a Monday night (after knocking back a few soul-crushing-preventative whiskeys first).

Heck, you even have a 'referral arrangement' with a local accountant and have given them a pile of your expensive, glossy brochures. 


All up, you're doing a whole lot of work, but are none too thrilled with the results. 

New client enquiries are pretty hit and miss. And when they do come in, you'd hardly say they're a perfect fit. 

It's frustrating. And it's wasting time, energy and money. Not just for you, but your team. 

*deep breath*


Every time you quote Warren Buffett, a kitten dies


What's missing in your marketing probably isn't another slick tactic.

It isn't sharing another generic quote, another technical article, another 'what is an SMSF' video.

It isn't more, more, more.


It's your message.

It's the light you shine on your dream clients' view of the world.

It's how you express your understanding of what matters to them, what they're challenged by, and the stories they tell themselves.

It's how you share your point of view, about how you help, and how your dream clients can help themselves.

With humility. And heart.


Marketing is easier when you
nail your message


When you get your message right, the people you want to help start sitting up and taking notice.

When you tell a story that shows your dream clients you deeply understand them — that you see them, hear them, get them, care — they listen harder.

When your message clicks and people understand exactly how you help, you start hearing things like, "My brother needs help with that. He needs to see this."

And, "OMG, I need that."

Hearts beating. Heads nodding. Hands raising.

And new dream clients coming to you.


The question is,
does your message do that?




LOVE YOUR MESSAGE helps you craft a compelling message that both you and your dream clients love.

A message that's compassionate, kind and helpful.

That meets people where they're at and gently enters the conversation that's already happening in their minds.

It's not awkward or uncomfortable.

It's gentle and client focused, helpful and humble.

It delights and invites, influences and encourages action.

It gets you noticed and remembered.

And makes attracting the people you love to help, a whole lot easier.


4 weeks to craft a message your
dream clients (and you) love


Forget 'value propositions' and 'elevator pitches'.

Think having conversations with people about what matters to them.

And about how you help.

Mostly through choosing the right written words and telling the right stories.

Words that spark curiosity and encourage action.

Words that position your service and communicate your value, so your dream clients can't wait to work with you.


Uncover your core message and create the messaging elements and stories that'll get your dream clients' hearts beating and hands raising.


Stand out in the sea of sameness by sharing your point of view and special flavour of financial advice, without being swallowed by the me-me-me monster.


Take your messaging to the next level by implementing tiny tweaks that'll turn a ho-hum message into one that has folks wondering, "How'd you get in my head?"


How it works


We'll work together for 4 weeks to makeover how you talk about what you do, how you help and why it matters.

We'll start by going deep with the people you love to help. We'll gather insights from your favourite clients, and start to form a clear picture about what's important to them and how they see the world.

You'll share your uncensored ideas, opinions, insights and experiences that make you, you, and your business special.

I'll dive deep into the work with a perspective that combines messaging know-how with a walk in your clients' shoes.

And you'll walk away with a message that's clear, compelling, kind and compassionate.

A message you'll feel confident to share, that helps connect with your dream clients, and that gets more, "yes pleases" to your unique flavour of financial advice (and some serious messaging envy from your peers).




Who's the LOVE YOUR MESSAGE program for?

If you want to build a strong brand that's known for something good, this is for you.

If you want your message to be clear, compelling, kind and compassionate, this is for you.

If you want to avoid using icky sales tactics and awkward scripts to help communicate your value, this is for you.

If you want private, one-on-one help with your messaging, this is for you.


Who's the LOVE YOUR MESSAGE program NOT for?

If you like hype and a whole lot of rah-rah, this isn't for you.

If you want someone to do everything for you, this isn't for you.

If you just want the notes and activities with no help from me, this isn't for you.

If you want to spend time on the phone with me, this isn't for you.


How much time will I need to spend on the program?

You'll spend about 2 to 4 hours a week for 4 weeks, working through the activities. Sometimes you'll knock it out more quickly, and other times you'll need to spend more time thinking deeply about it.

My recommendation is to block out a morning or afternoon session in your calendar early in the week, and another later in the week to respond to any feedback.

It's a big commitment, but a focus on crafting your message over 4 weeks, might just be the game-changer your business needs.

And what'll it cost you, if you don't?


Is this all theory and learning, or will I be doing stuff?

It's 95% doing. And all specific to your business.

And by the end, you'll have a message you're proud of, that your clients love, and that'll make the rest of your marketing a whole lot easier.


Will I be working one-on-one with you or in a group?

This program is private. It's just you and me for 4 weeks. There are no webinars or Facebook groups or forums.

Working with groups can be awesome when you get the opportunity to ask questions and for feedback from your peers. But that's also what can make them not so good, as they can be distracting and frankly, you can get some not-so-good advice sometimes.

Will I get time on the phone with you?

This program is delivered over email. We'll be like messaging pen pals.

Working over email allows you to work at your peak focus time, and me to work at mine. It gives us time to breath and think, but not enough to overthink.

And the act of writing — no matter how bad you think you might be — can be a source of insight and clarity you might otherwise never have uncovered.




— coming soon —


Got questions? Pop me a message.